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  • Leah Allison

Why taking action creates success

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Taking action sound like fun right? Moving forward, momentum, exciting adventures, I thought so to until I had to take action on my life. Then it became the scariest and most overwhelming thing to do in my life. It started the day I left my full time job to work for my self and start my own business. Exciting right? Wrong! Don't get me wrong, it was exciting at first and I felt so free, my own boss, nobody to tell me what to do, creating my own schedule, everything you dream of when you work for someone else. What I didn't know was the other side, starting from scratch, how to sell my services, accounting, advertising, marketing and the endless hours of networking and so much more. It was more work than I ever had. I did this day after day after day making some progress until one day it stops. I got tired, I got drained and I was full of anxiety and fear. Fear of failing and feeling like a loser to everyone around me. Nobody tells you that as an entrepreneur how much you will fail and much harder you have to work. Funny, you only hear that after you become one. When you hit bottom and don't know where to turn it's hard to take action but I had to do something. I realized first I had to go back to my "why", why am I doing this and what am I connected to. Once I connected with that again I started to cut off and let go of all of the other things and basically started again. Not quite from the beginning because now I had way more knowledge. What I realized is that I had to take action but I didn't have to take action all at once. I had to do things that made sense and that I was connected to but one at a time. You know the old saying "slow and steady wins the race". Well that is what it was. Shedding a lot of the old and starting with the new again but this time in pieces, to build something strong and solid. Doing this took me out of that bottom and gave me drive and excitement again. Do one thing at a time. Find the one thing that sparks you, that gives you that excitement, the thing that makes you smile just thinking about it and start there. It will give you the fuel to take action in every other area. So no matter whether you are running your own business, working at a company, raising your children at home, are a student or retired, if you are feeling stuck and yearning for something more, find the thing you love to do and always have your "why" at the front of mind and do one thing each day that gets you closer to your dream. Just one thing. Nothing is to small because even the small things get you closer to your dream. You could start by reading a book on how to make pastries if your dream is to be a baker or send an email to an old friend who may have a connection for you or run 1 block if your goal is to finish a marathon or change your website to something new if you are an entrepreneur, you get where I'm going. Taking action means doing something, just one thing each day that gets you closer to your dream. Do it everyday and before you know it you are there, living your dream. Now take some action and start your one thing today that will send you on your path to success.

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