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I'm Leah, thanks for checking me out. 


I'm not one to toot my own horn but I know many people want to know more about me and part of achieving goals is also acknowledging what you have done and how far you've come so here is a little bit about me. 


The personal side of me has lived life fully, with many experiences and life challenges.  Through it all I have never let any experience, hardship or challenge deter me from achieving my own goals or take my joy and happiness in life.  How do I do that?  Connect with me to find out more......


Professionally I am trained and certified, I work with people who need help.  Whether it's coaching families with life changing moments, couples finding that spark or businesses looking to grow, I teach my clients concrete communication skills, how to make clear decisions and work with them to create an action plan that can ensure they move on happily and reach their goals.

As an experienced coach and public speaker, I have worked with many people personally, in businesses and organizations to assist them in determining their goals and how to action them so each goal comes to life and is achieved.  Over my years of experience both personally and professionally, I developed communication and mediation workshops for the Toronto District School Board at both the elementary and secondary levels and ran workshops for various classrooms.  I also created and facilitated programs to youth on being more conscious of their lives and the world around them, workshops to law, senior leadership and dispute resolution programs at several universities and colleges including York University, McMaster University, Western University and Humber College.  I have helped entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, supported and conducted workshops and coaching sessions in large corporations on people management, revenue growth and goal setting, equipped families with the tools to get them through life challenges and worked with individuals helping them set goals and navigate the messiness and beauty of life.   

Through my own goal setting and hard work, in 2018 I won the People's Choice Urban Hero Award for Business in Toronto, Canada and spoke on the main stage for One Woman International. 

I am always ready to listen and have an open heart.  I truly believe that you can achieve anything if you put in the work and have some help along the way.

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